wanted for figure drawing sessions
at the Westcott Community Center
(Corner of Euclid and Westcott Ave. in Syracuse, NY)
Wednesday Evenings 7-10 pm

$60 for 3 hours of poses.

Model in a safe environment for ongoing community drawing group, now in our 30th year.

We are an equal opportunity employer: gender, age (must be at least 18) & body type not an issue. More info about our group at

If you are interested, contact the model coordinator, and stop by any Wednesday or Sunday session at the WCC so we can meet you in person!

Where is Syracuse, New York?
Syracuse is in the middle of New York State, about 4 1/2 hours from the city of New York by car, and also about 4 1/2 hours from Toronto by car. We discourage anyone who lives so far away from modelling for us because you will spend most of what you earn on gas, and it will take even longer to get here by train or bus.
Contact us with any questions or problems about Open Figure Drawing or this website

Models’ Rights and Responsibilities

Open Figure Drawing extends the following rights to people who model. We adopt these rights to protect and support models and to prevent misunderstanding.

Open Figure Drawing is an equal-opportunity employer. Models have a right to fair and equal treatment, regardless of religion, age, gender, or sexual preference.

Models for unclothed drawing sessions have the right to wear some clothing, if their circumstances require it. During break, models must clothe themselves.

Models have a right to privacy. Open Figure Drawing will not release models’ surnames, phone numbers or addresses without consent. The group will ask models’ permission before sharing information with other artists and coordinators in need of models.

Models have a right to work without being photographed. Open Figure Drawing prohibits the use of cameras and camera-bearing cell phones during drawing sessions.

Models have a right to a safe storage place for their clothing and belongings during drawing sessions.

Models have a right to prompt payment at the end of the drawing session. Open Figure Drawing will not postpone payment.

Models have a right to a clean, comfortable, and safe work environment. Open Figure Drawing will cover windows, provide heaters or fans, provide an area for changing, and not allow noxious art materials.

Models have a right to refrain from unduly difficult poses, and to break from poses that become unexpectedly difficult. Open Figure Drawing urges models to speak up about any undue discomfort, and to make the necessary adjustments. Hosts will be responsible for timing poses, and will keep poses to the agreed upon time. Models may also keep time.

Models have the right to respect and courtesy. Open Figure Drawing will eject people who disrespect or humiliate the model.

Booking & Cancellation
Models have a right to fair frequency of booking, with the following caveats. Frequency will depend on the total number of models in the booking pool. Also, models may receive more frequent bookings if they agree to be available for emergency substitutions.
Models must start on time. Tardiness of more than 10 minutes will cancel the booking. Otherwise, bookings are guaranteed. If Open Figure Drawing cancels a session, models are still entitled to payment.

Open Figure Drawing, since 1989