Bring a Friend

Open figure drawing needs more participants.

Open Figure Drawing is non-profit, volunteer run organization started 30 years ago to give Syracuse area artists an affordable opportunity to work from live models. Our attendees have become a community, pitching in with set-up and tear down, and helping each other. In that spirit, the board wants to share our current financial status.

A Wednesday evening session costs $130 to produce. The entry fee is $10 a week or, $8 with a punch card. Since we have a mix of both each week, we need to average 16 people weekly to break even. We have been consistently falling short of that figure and, on average, spend more than we are receiving. We are not in dire straits, but we need to be proactive. We want to ensure we can continue to provide our sessions to the community.

Raising prices is an obvious step we could take. Before we do that, we are asking for your help to boost attendance at our current rates. There are several things you can do to help. If you’re on social media, you can share our events and check-in at our sessions. If you post your artwork online, you can tag us in your posts. If you frequent places with community bulletin boards, you can take a poster at a session and hang it up on your next visit. When you are talking to people who express an interest in the group, you can encourage them to come to a session. We can help with that last one.

If you know someone who’s never been to an OFD session, or hasn’t been to one in years, we will offer them one complimentary session to come check out the group. It’s our hope that if we can get them in the door to draw and have a good time, they will come back and become part of our community.

Open Figure Drawing, since 1989