Syracuse, New York based artist Dan Shanahan is inspired to make pictures that blend reality with a cup of fantasy, a pinch of exaggeration, a sprinkle of dreams, and a quart of wonder. He enjoys stories that do the same.

Dan creates most of his illustration with ink, markers, and watercolor. His plain air paintings are painted with watercolor. Dan’s artwork has been exhibited at the Edgewood Gallery, in Syracuse NY, and the Rome Art and Community Center, in Rome NY.

Dan has a degree in Mechanical Engineering that enables him to think outside the box, outside cylindrical shapes like jars and cans, outside any shape or form of tupperware, and even outside the buckyball.

Art Exhibitions:
Gandee Gallery • Fabius, NY • September 30 – November 19, 2023
Onondaga Historical Association • Syracuse, NY • May – September 2023
Everson Museum • Syracuse, NY • October – November 2022
Edgewood Gallery, Syracuse NY
Rome Art and Community Center, Rome NY.